Rwanda : Family TV station set to open soon

Rwandese soon will have an option TV to watch, other than TVR which has been here for long. Family television station is finally here.
Managing director of The Beat, Ahmed Pacifique, the company owning family TV has confirmed it’s starting.
“Family TV is already showing entertainment content on internet, as we are waiting for RURA to finalize rules and regulations of broadcasting on local channels,” Ahmed says.
The new television station intends to promote Rwandan culture through entertaining programs.
Family TV will be broadcasting in Centenary building.




  1. abdoul /

    sasa nagirango mbisabire ko mwatanga akazi kubantu bafite ibikoresho bya video bakorera mu ntara kandi barahari bize bakora amamontage yamakwe indirimbo nibindi nibwo muzazana iterambere kuburyo abaturage batakeka ko mukorera abanyakigari ndetse nabifite gusa. Murakoze
    I include also.

  2. Ni byiza,mubirangize vuba kandi!

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