Rwanda : RC Musanze Radio’s 3year experience in support for Development

Northern Province

Residents of the Northern Province say that since this radio started back in 2009, it has led to development in this province.

It was started on 18/09/2009 with an aim of bringing together leaders and the people they lead , showing good progressive in the country, also talking about the environment, as it was asked by the then Prime minister, Senator Bernard Makuza.

On 18/09/2012, this radio spent 3year of existence. Jean Bosco Hategekimana, one of the radio listeners said that “since this radio came into existence, they have known how to provide news and information in the province, and also how to maintain peace. This radio also goes far where other radios in the province cannot reach. It has also helped them in agriculture, “adds Hategekimana.

Olive Muhawenimana, says that “this radio helped them a lot since they no longer have to go to Kigali to make advertsiments,or even write letters going very far since they can still do this from it and very close.

It has also helped in promoting music and musicians since many of the artists of different kinds in Rwanda today come from here, with about 10 recording studios.

The director of RC radio Gervis Karangwa said that “this radio helped people fight the fear of providing news and information, and also provides them with good governance, wealth and development among others.

The leadership of the province also said that the part this radio has contributed to development in the province is vividly seen, and also it has been a very good instrument in showing people the good governance that there is in the province which helps people work hard.

Aime Bosenibamwe, the Governor of the province said that “this programme helps in helping people know the programmes of development, wealth, and also good governance.

This radio is the fourth in ORINFOR media that was started with Rwf 200 million.



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  1. Gerardine UMUHIRE /

    Ndumva mwakongera amakuru menshi kuri web site yanyu cyane kubirebana n’ibiganiro mutanga, aho Radio iherereye, uturere yumvikaniramo by’umwihariko, kugirango abakora ubushyakashyatsi kuri RC musanze izo donnees zibafashe

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