Regional media practitioners commend Isange One-Stop Centre

Regional media practitioners commend Isange One-Stop Centre

Scribes commend Rwanda’s Isange One-Stop Centre

Thirty media practitioners from five regional countries visited Isange One-Stop Centre in Kigali and commended the initiative as an effective strategy to deal with Gender Based Violence.

The journalists are from Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Central Africa Republic and Rwanda

Isange One-Stop Centre, which operates under the Kacyiru Police Hospital, was established to offer free medical, psycho-socio and legal support to GBV victims.

Obongo Dénise Marie Colombe from Congo Brazzaville said it is a smart initiative and seeing how the facility works leaves no doubt that GBV related issues will be fought in all ways and victims assisted.

“It is incredible how Police and the judiciary work hand-in-hand to assist GBV victims, which is rare in most African countries.”

“This should be embraced by other Police forces in Africa,” she added.

They group was received by the Commandant of the hospital, CP Daniel Nyamwasa, who explained to them how the centre operates and the kinds of services offered.

The journalists, who include three males, are in Rwanda to attend a conference of female media practitioners from Central Africa, to discuss on how to overcome the challenges they face in their profession.

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