Rwandan journalists to exhibit about the 1994 genocide in London

Rwandan journalists to exhibit about the 1994 genocide in London

Ten Rwandan photo journalists are set to exhibit photos in London, about the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, during the 20th genocide commemoration.

The initiative was taken in a one week ongoing training to enhance photography skills among Rwandan photojournalists. Ten photo journalists are being trained.

The training which started on Monday is a result of a research about the Rwandan genocide by Dr Zoe Norridge, a Lecturer in Comparative Literature at Kings College London University.

“During the research, I got interested in telling the story of Rwandan genocide survivors, and how they are coping up after the genocide. Most people who document the country, especially international visitors, leave out bits of the story of rebuilding a new life,” says Dr. Norridge.

The training and the exhibition are facilitated by Kings College London.  Renowned photographers like Brandon Bannon and Andrew Esiebo, who both have held exhibitions all over the world, are some of the trainers.

“When international organizations commission photography, foreign photojournalists are hired. We look to build photography capacity that international photo exhibitions can feature Rwandans to tell their own story,” says Dr. Norridge, on behalf of Kings College London.

The photo exhibition about the 1994 genocide will be held between March and April 2014, in London, United Kingdom. It will feature works of the photographers who participated in the Kigali workshop.

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