New survey unveils Rwanda’s Social Media gurus

m_New survey unveils Rwanda’s Social Media gurus

In a social media survey that is the first of its kind in Rwanda, The Ejo Social Media Ranking Report 2013 presented the top ten and top five social media users across the country.

The users were differentiated in seven categories including brands, tweeters, influencers on Facebook, public officials and institutions, causes and NGOs, journalists, media houses, and bloggers.

The ranking named President Paul Kagame top most public official using social media in the country. The President has previously been listed among top African Heads of State most active on various social networks.

Other public figures in this category are Ministers Jean Philbert Nsengimana (Youth and ICT), Dr Agnes Binagwaho (Health), Louise Mushikiwabo (Foreign Affairs) and Prime Minister Pierre Damien Habumuremyi.

The New Times publication led as Kigali Today was named the second “most active media house on social media,” preceded by the new times. Other media houses were KFM radio, Flash FM and Radio Isango Star. Kigai today was recognized especially for its Youtube video channel which has over 7,000 subscribers.

Kigali Today Ltd started in 2011 and is one of the best media houses in Rwanda that covers news widely countrywide.

The ranking also named Rwanda’s renowned journalist, social commentator and Kigali Today Editor Fred Mwasa as Social Media person of the year and was recognised for being a news breaker and source of local information.

Mwasa was ranked no.4 on top 10 tweeters, no.1 on top 5 journalists and person of the year for his role in sharing breaking news and being a local information source on social media.

Speaking to, Mwasa advised fellow journalists to always focus on news out of their organizations and endevour to share them on social platforms.

“First see yourself as a journalist with an obligation to make sure your story is known, then know that without having it on social media in the current world you are wasting time,” said Mwasa.

He added: Don’t care about the news in your organization only, but simply look at all news as your obligation to spread it to the ordinary folks out there.

About the position as person of the year 2013, Mwasa said that: “The recognition confirmed to him that indeed hard work pays and it pays more when you do not expect anything in return, but rather work to make a difference,”

Mwasa is a senior journalist in Rwanda that has worked for various local and foreign media houses including Rwanda News Agency, The Chronicles, CBC Canada and is currently working as editor at Kigali Today Ltd.

Rwanda is known among the best countries that use and share information using social platform especially the country’s public officials.

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