RMC warns about corrupt religious radio talk shows

m_RMC warns about corrupt religious radio talk shows

Fred Muvunyi: Chairman of the Rwanda Media Commission

 The Chairman of the Rwanda Media Commission, Fred Muvunyi has warned against religious talk shows that misuse religion for the wrong motives.

Several listener complaints   pin some religious talk shows on Amazing Grace and Voice of Africa radios for implicating people.

While speaking to the press, chairman of RMC, Fred Muvunyi said such unethical radio talk shows work in favour of religions than the good of the public.

“We strongly condemn all religious talk shows aimed at discriminating people basing on religious sects,” said Muvunyi.

Muvunyi added that, all religious talk shows should be professional and aimed at benefiting the public.

Amazing grace radio was accused by Islamic followers for inciting hatred between Christians and Muslims.

Whereas on Voice of Africa radio, a show dubbed Muhazar about Islamic religion was also accused by several Adventists followers for criticising their religion and believers.

RMC is mandated to protect journalists, regulate their conduct and the functioning of media, as well as protecting journalism ethics.

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