Carleton University students visit Kigalitoday Ltd

Calton University students visit Kigalitoday Ltd

Carleton students

Thirteen journalism students from The University of Carleton, Ottawa, paid a visit to  Kigalitoday Ltd, to learn on field reporting.

The students were headed by a Canadian professor, Allan Thompson.

While speaking on KT radio 96.7 live on Monday 26th, May, 2014, the students praised Rwandan hospitality in general and Kigalitoday’s high tech equipment.

“Kigalitoday Ltd boasts of brilliant journalists that cover the country widely and the hi-tech equipment used,” said Kayleee Madison, one of the Carleton University students.

The students mingled and leant a lot from the Kigalitoday Ltd Staff   during their visit.

For years, Carleton University   has sent in journalism interns to different media Houses in Rwanda through the Rwanda initiative programme.

This particular group of students has spent one month in Rwanda, partnering with local journalists, to get details of how the Rwanda media operates.

The program will end on, 30th, May, 2014 and the students will return to Canada.

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