Kigali Today LTD equips cooperatives with basic media skills

Trainees display their certificates at the graduation ceremony

Trainees display their certificates at the graduation ceremony

Kigali Today Ltd, a local media organization has equipped over 90 people from local cooperatives with basic media skills in a bid to boost their entrepreneurial skills.

The training was conducted in collaboration with Work Force Development Authority (WDA) and Rwanda Private Sector Federation (PSF). It started in September, 2013 and was composed of three training phases.

Trainees from the three phases received certificates in a colorful graduation ceremony that took place on May 9th in Kigali.

Beneficiaries were trained in audio and video editing as well as writing news stories using journalistic principles.

“The training aimed at equipping the artisans with skills to produce professional audio and visual stories which will help them to promote and market their products,” explains Bernard Mutijima, the training Coordinator.

Mutijima called on the beneficiaries to share the acquired knowledge to combat poverty in their respective communities.  Trainees credited the course for developing them through enhancing their skills.

“The training made my dreams of owning a personal website come to reality. I had the plan but I didn’t have the necessary skills to edit voices, write articles professionally and upload them but now I do.” testified Honorore Irankunda a beneficiary who created a website after undergoing the training.

Kigali Today Ltd started in 2011 and its website is rated to have the biggest viewership in Rwanda. The organizations recently launched an FM radio and expects to start a sister English websites soon.

Kigalitoday is famous for its quality developmental stories that focus on communities especially in the countryside.

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