Media practitioners urged to acquire RMC press cards

m_Media practitioners urged to acquire RMC press cards

The chairman of the Rwanda Media Commission (RMC) Fred Muvunyi urged media practitioners to acquire press cards before October 30.

He said after August 30, no journalist would be allowed to gather news without RMC press card.

“Many people pretend to be journalists without any knowledge of how journalism is done hence tarnishing the image of the profession. So the cards will be meant to distinguish real journalists and those pretending to be,” saysMuvunyi

Recently, a local website Rwanda Paparazzi was accused by embattled politician Ingabire Victorie for publishing a false story calling her a witch. Following the intervention of RMC, the website was ordered to apologise to Ingabire which it did immediately.

Muvunyi added that, RMC set the deadline of issuing press cards after several complaints filed by the public about unprofessional media practitioners.

This development comes following several complaints filled by listeners and readers to RMC about unprofessionalism among media organisations across the country.

Muvunyi warned that media outlets that have published baseless rumours and false stories will be punished accordingly soon and among the punishments, shutting down of such outlets is also a possible option.

Who is supposed to have RMC press card

According to RMC boss the press card will be given to media practitioners who gather news and present it to the public with facts backed by well knowledge of media ethics as the constitution states.

He also mentioned that those who qualify to get the press cards will a journalist with journalism educational back ground and well equipped with media skills.

According to Rwanda Media Commission some people enter media sector without journalistic knowledge.

RMC warned media practitioners who will be found guilty of publishing false stories that they will be punished according to the media laws.

Ever since the inception of RMC 35 complaints were received from the public accusing various media outlets publish defamatory stories.

Twenty complaints were already solved by RMC.

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